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Residents Protest At Blockade Of Poulgorm, Myrtleville

Residents Protest At Blockade Of Poulgorm, Myrtleville

Writes Jack White

Local residents gathered on Saturday, October 6th, to protest against what they deem to be excessive fencing at the clifftop in Poulgorm, Myrtleville as construction works on a private residence to the right hand-side of the clifftop take place.

The area, which has served as an unofficial car park for decades, is used by residents, walkers and swimmers and has picturesque views over Poulgorm, Fountainstown, Ringabella and the outer section of Cork Harbour. Poulgorm itself is a beautiful, rocky inlet at the bottom of the cliff and can be accessed by pedestrians via three paths, (two directly from where the fencing now is), and another nearby, (but that is sometimes overgrown). Depending on the tides, it can also be accessed along the rocks from Myrtleville, passing the area known locally as The Devil’s Elbow (below Bunnyconnellan).

The residents say that while they have no objection to any building works, (once they are adhering to the correct planning approval), they are most concerned at the majority of the clifftop being used for a builders compound the pathway is being blocked to access Poulgorm below.

The access pathways to Poulgorm, which is a hugely popular bathing spot, have been in use for hundreds of years and some of those organising the protest said that, “one local resident, now in her 90s, has been running up and down the cliff on a daily basis all her life, for a couple of swims each day, keeping her fit as a fiddle”. They say that, “there must be a special magic in the waters below that keeps people young.”

The protesters went on to say, “Additionally, the clifftop has always been the perfect place for people to pull in, park, and take in the spectacular view of Cork Harbour. It is the only spot on the coast road where this is possible.”

The residents protesting say they, “are extremely upset that this may change following this new build.”

Anyone who would like to contact the protest group can do so via email:

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