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Robert Walks To Show Cancer Can Be Beaten

Robert Walks To Show Cancer Can Be Beaten

Striding 188k virtually from GUH Galway to CUH Cork is a former cancer patient, Robert O'Leary, raising funds for both hospitals in the process.

Set to begin his marathon walk in July, completing a specified distance each day, the fundraising initiative is Robert's way of crediting the hospitals with saving his life.

Diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma following a blood test in 2015, Robert began a two-year battle with the condition.

The treatment saw him enduring weekly courses of chemotherapy, steroids and bone strengthening at Cork University Hospital before undergoing a life-saving stem cell transplant in Galway in July 2016.

Outside of raising funds for the institutions and the specific units, including the Multiple Myeloma unit at CUH and the Stem Cell Unit at GUH, Robert wants his story to give others hope.

'I believe people need to know that being diagnosed with cancer is not a death sentence, and with treatment and maintenance, people can lead a whole life. 'I should know, I have been there,' remarked Robert.

'Yes, Multiple Myeloma is not curable, but it is treatable. I am an example of how the disease can be checked with regular medical examinations.' remarked Robert.

Like many, the diagnosis came as a shock to Robert. He said, 'Initially, the most challenging thing was telling my son and close family. 'I was all over the place, and while not wanting to scare them or worry them, I still kept them in the loop.'

'I was lucky in my battle not just to have the support of the incredible medical staff in the hospitals but also knowing my family were there too made the battle less of a challenge.'

As he takes to the road, Robert asks family, friends, and clubs to join him.

Anyone who wishes to donate can log onto

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