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Speeding at Carrigmahon, Monkstown

Writes Leo McMahon

Additional traffic calming measures at Carrigmahon Hill, Monkstown were requested by Cllr Seamus McGrath (FF) at the recent meeting of the council’s Carrigaline Municipal District (MD).

In a report, senior executive engineer Madeleine Healy said speed data gathered didn’t show a speeding problem in the area.  ‘Limited resources available are focused on traffic calming for towns and villages but we will consider additional road markings,’ she added.

Noting the report, Cllr McGrath said it was an exceptionally busy road with no really safe footpath. He welcomed the possibility of road markings but added that residents felt that the digital data warning sign was too far up the hill. An Cathaoirleach Cllr Audrey Buckley (FF) seconded.

Cllr Una McCarthy (FG) said there was a 30 kilometres per hour speed limit sign on one side of the road at the top of Church Hill, Passage approaching Maulbaun and a 50kph on the other. She asked that the 50kph sign be replaced by a 30kph one. The engineer undertook to have this looked at.

She referred to what appeared to be an abandoned car since December on the side of the R610 road near Raffeen village.

Cllr McCarthy also called for repair of the wall and footpath at St Joseph’s Terrace, Rockenham, Passage West while Cllr Marcia D’Alton (Ind) again requested repair of the road surface outside Ringaskiddy Community Centre. The engineer replied that it was on the list.

Referring to buses and other large vehicles having difficulty passing each other at Lucia Place, Passage West, Cllr D’Alton suggested a sign at the town end to give way to buses.

Ms Healy acknowledged this but wondered if someone at the other end could see a bus coming in time and if there was a suitable place for a sign. She undertook to investigate.

Cllr D’Alton had a motion asking the council to assist with filling pot holes at Warrenscourt, Ringaskiddy where there are 30 dwellings.

In reply, the engineer said it was a private road and not in the charge of the local authority.

Cllr D’Alton acknowledged this but the intention was that when planning permission was granted, the road would eventually be taken in charge. The five year planning period had expired. The road was previously dug by Uisce Eireann (UE) to lay a new main and that body reinstated it but there was quite some damage since. The residents were now asking for the pot holes to be filled.

Carrigmahon Hill, Monkstown - photo Leo McMahon

Unfortunately the council couldn’t go in there, replied the engineer. She undertook to check on the original road opening licence granted to UE and check on the timeline for permanent reinstatement and possibly talk to UE to see if it needed to come back ahead of a possible application from residents for the road to be taken in charge.  Cllr D’Alton welcomed this.

In reply to Cllr D’Alton, the engineer said she had got in touch with the maintenance manager for the Dept of Defence about the damaged crash barrier on the road leading to Haulbowline Naval Base. She had made an official request and awaited an update.

Another motion from Cllr D’Alton asked that when advertising a temporary road closure, the council would aim to achieve more than the absolute minimum prescribed public consultation period of three days. Referring to a closure on Crosshaven Road, she wondered if the time could be longer if a matter wasn’t urgent. Cllr McGrath seconded.

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