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Taoiseach Promises Action on Short-Term Letting


Taoiseach Simon Harris has promised immediate action on the thorny question of short-term letting on a visit to Kinsale last Friday, writes JJ Hurley.



The Taoiseach rejected the claim in response to a direct question about the current Government's failure to tackle the issue of short-term letting in towns like Kinsale.  


While he admitted that legislation on the issue was long overdue, the Fine Gael Leader said, 'What's required is to put a structure in place around what is a short-term let and what is not a short-term let.


'We intend to publish that legislation before the summer, and if the opposition is willing to work with us, we will try to get it passed, ideally before the summer recess.


'I do think in a town like Kinsale, it would make a great difference.'

Taoiseach Simon Harris lending a helping hand to Cllr Marie O'Sullivan at Salvis Café, Kinsale on Friday last. (Credit John Allen)

While he acknowledged, there was always a place for short-term lets because a town like Kinsale is all about the importance of the tourist sector.


 'However, those growing up and working in the town also deserve an opportunity to live in Kinsale,' he remarked.


'I think we need to get the balance right, and that is the purpose of the legislation, which I believe will be published very shortly,' the Taoiseach said.



When it was suggested the Government had made similar promises previously to address short-term letting, only for it to disappear from its agenda, he replied, 'I fully accept it was delayed, but it is almost there now.'


Ministers Catherine Martin and Darragh O'Brien are expected to bring the proposed legislation to the next cabinet committee meeting. 


(Dermot Collins, Kinsale, Taoiseach Simon Harris and Cllr Una McCarthy, Carrigaline, in Kinsale on Friday. Credit John Allen)

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