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Truck & Car Collisions In Minane Bridge

A truck hit black ice and crashed into the wall of the bridge in Minane Bridge early on Friday morning. In hitting the wall, coming from the Roberts Cove side, the truck was turned on its side and badly damaged while also causing significant structural damage to the wall.

The bridge was closed to traffic for some time until an inspection from a Cork County Council engineer deemed it safe to be re-opened to traffic from both ends, shortly after lunch.

Local FG councillor Aidan Lombard said, “ It doesn’t appear that there’s structural damage to the bridge itself but the full impact on the wall will have to be assessed”.

Shortly after the truck had crashed, another car slid on the black ice, hitting the truck.

In a separate incident, another car hit the same patch of black ice and slid into a tree near the car park below the church in the village.

“It was a very unfortunate set of incidents”, Cllr. Lombard said, “Thankfully nobody was seriously hurt today”.

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Workers suctioning up the Spilt Animal Feed beside the damaged wall of the Bridge at Minane Bridge, Co. Cork. The Bridge was damaged during an accident that occurred earlier in the morning by a vehicle that skidded on ice. (Picture: Adrian O’Herlihy)

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