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Twomey Auctioneers Ltd : Catch Up With Local Men Michael & Joseph Twomey

Twomey Auctioneers Ltd : Catch Up With Local Men Michael & Joseph Twomey

Founding member and leading actor with the enduringly popular local drama society CADS, Michael Twomey is candid about why he ditched his family butcher business in favour of the stage and hammer. Michael, who has just opened Twomey Auctioneering with his 29-year-old son Joseph on Shandon Street, says that while he fell in to the family butchers business, his heart was always with his customers and that conversation and chat was what steered him directly ito his current profession and pastime. Both Joseph and Michael are living locally, with Joseph in Carrigaline and Michael in Myrtleville. Having retired as a butcher Michael said, “I shut up shop, went back to college, and was head-hunted for my maturity to fill a role with DNG Harris in Douglas straight away. I worked there for a couple of years but saw a niche in the market and opened up myself in Crosshaven. Michael also spent time working as an auctioneer in Carrigaline, giving him an even more detailed knowledge of the area. “I did very well there for a few years but then the market collapsed and while I did my best to struggle on, I had no choice but to close the office in 2012.” But people knew Michael and trusted him and even against Michael’s intentions his property business limped on from his Myrtleville sitting room. “I wasn’t actually making any money for about three years but I was happy to help people, I had no office, no signs, but I had a reputation and if someone rang me and asked me to help them out, I didn’t want to let anyone down.” Now that the market has recovered and rentals and sales are in great demand. Michael and Joseph are offering a service unrivalled by any other auctioneering firm in the county. Says Joseph; “We are offering a no sale so fee service, free Daft advertising and a free For Sale board. On agreement of sale, we charge only 1%, which you are unlikely to find elsewhere.” “Selling is selling,” states Michael. And I am very flattered that the people of Crosshaven and Carrigaline have always had faith in me and I hope that now that Joseph and I have established a new city centre business, that we can use our wealth of experience to find homes for people in the best loved parts of Cork.”

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