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Varadkar To Attend Launch Of Intreo Service Carrigaline

Varadkar To Attend Launch Of Intreo Service Carrigaline The event will take place in the new Intreo Centre building located at Ballea Road, Carrigaline. Working in tandem with colleagues in the current DSP office based in the Maltings on Main Street in the town, the new office at Ballea Road will complete the Intreo portfolio, bringing together employment and income support services for the Department’s customers in Carrigaline. The Intreo service is modelled on international best practice and provides personalised employment advice, guidance and support linked to individual needs, alongside the provision of income support payments for the unemployed. In this way, jobseekers are supported to get back to work as quickly as possible and to avail of training and upskilling opportunities, where appropriate. As well as highlighting the new Intreo services in Carrigaline, the event will also be an opportunity to acknowledge the commitment of DSP staff in the town, who have shown patience, commitment and flexibility in working through accommodation upheaval, organisational reconfiguration and business process changes to deliver the new and integrated service model. A Public Services Card facility will be available from the new building in Ballea Road. The Public Services Card facilitates verification of an individual’s identity and has been introduced to streamline access to many public services, both now and in the future. Face-to-face registration for a Public Services Card is called SAFE (Standard Authentication Framework Environment) registration. The Department of Social Protection will send you a letter with your SAFE registration appointment. SAFE registration takes about 15 minutes to complete and usually takes place in your local social welfare office or Intreo centre. It is important that you attend for your appointment. It will help to avoid any potential difficulty with access to social welfare payments in the future. During this appointment your photograph will be taken and your signature recorded for your new Public Services Card, which will be posted to your home address. You will also be asked for the answers to some security questions. You must bring certain documents with you to your appointment to prove your identity and address. You should also bring the letter you got confirming your appointment. If you currently have a Social Services Card (a swipe card used to collect social welfare payments), bring that with you too. You must prove your identify to receive a social welfare payment or benefit. If you comply with the SAFE registration process when requested you are considered to have authenticated your identity. If you do not comply with the SAFE registration process your social welfare payments (including Child Benefit) and/or your social welfare entitlements (such as Free Travel) may be suspended.

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