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Meet the Candidate: Cllr. Úna McCarthy, Fine Gael

Úna grew up in Rochestown. She attended school in Passage West and now lives in Carrigaline with her husband and two children. She work as a teacher in her former secondary school St. Peter’s Community School, Passage West, where she teaches Business and Accounting and serve as an assistant principal and a member of the board of management. Úna is very passionate about sport and believes it is an integral part in improving mental and physical health. She is actively involved in coaching camogie with her school team in Passage West and with various teams in Carrigaline Camogie Club.


Journey to politics

Úna admitted she has always been interested in politics, and the way the country is governed. “Like many people, politics was often a topic of discussion in my household growing up. But when I looked at politics from the outside, I didn’t see that it reflected my community. I wondered why there aren’t more people like me in public life, working mothers, people who understand what it’s like to work hard and raise a family, pay a mortgage, coach a team or support and guide young people in school.”

Her journey into politics was an accidental one, having always been active in the community, through working as a teacher, being a coach, and being involved in residents' association. “Improving the community has always been a priority for me” she said, “When I was approached while coming off a GAA pitch after training an underage camogie team and asked if I would consider putting myself forward as a public representative, I knew I had to give it serious consideration.

We need to see more women in politics. The representation of women at local authority level across the Republic of Ireland is 24%. Our democracy cannot be said to be at its best if women, who make up approximately half the population, are not represented equally on County Councils. Having women elected is not about women necessarily having different qualities and values to men but they will have different day to day experiences of living and working in the country. Having a better balance of life experiences leads to better decision making.”


Cllr. Úna McCarthy

On Recreation and Amenity:

Úna is extremely passionate about delivering more local amenities and recreational facilities for families and young people. “I am currently part of the Carrigaline Playground Committee where we are working on raising funds to refurbish the playground in Carrigaline. The current playground has served the people of Carrigaline and surrounding areas well over the past twenty years however it now needs a significant refurbishment to cater for the needs of all children in our community.”

Úna is a strong advocate for developing a multi-use community sports facility which would be publicly owned and would be used by individuals, as well as different local community and sporting organisations.


On Road Transport and Safety:

Road Transport and Safety is an issue Úna believes needs to be taken more seriously following the huge amount of road traffic accidents that have taken place since the start of the year. “I am a member of the Roads and Transport Strategic Policy Committee in Cork County Council, and reducing speed and ensuring roads are well maintained have been priorities of mine since I became a Councillor in October. I have been advocating for pedestrian crossings to be made safer by having them raised and more traffic calming measures put in place in towns and villages. I have been calling for the provision of footpaths in residential areas and am looking for better maintenance and resurfacing of roads.”


On Community Organisations:

From her job as a teacher to her involvement with sports clubs and committees, Úna has seen the dedication and commitment by volunteers to make the community a better place to live. “Community volunteerism builds stronger communities; we are fortunate to have so many wonderful volunteer groups working in our community. I am a volunteer myself with some of them and I know the work they do and the commitment it takes. As a County Councillor I want to support these organisations in the work they do and advocate for funding to deliver projects and initiatives which benefit the lives of people in our community.


Why should people vote for you?

“People should vote for me because I am motivated by the desire to effect change in my community for everyone who shares it with me. With my experience in teaching, sport and being a working mother, I bring my own unique set of life experiences to the Council. I am a doer, and I am not afraid of hard work. I am committed to playing my part to improve the communities in which we live. As a new Councillor I bring a fresh perspective to the Council, I am empathetic and pledge that I will listen and actively seek out what people think and need. I promise to continue to be visible, accessible, and accountable.”



In the run up to the June elections you can contact Úna on her mobile 085 7196834, by email:, on Facebook Cllr Úna McCarthy and Instagram @cllrunamccarthy.


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